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Brad Bowden, Canadian ice sledge hockey player

 “When I first sat in my Elevation the first thing I thought was — “Why aren’t all wheelchair like this?” we don’t live in a world where things are always at the same level. We pick things up, we put things away in cupboards, we put laundry away.. The world is always challenging us, so why “shouldn’t our chair be able to adapt to help us in our lives. I really like that  about the Elevation. I feel like it’s a practical chair.”

” I like that it’s unique in the way it can help me get things done in my everyday life, but I also like the added bonuses of being able to do things when I’m with the National team, such as putting my hockey gear away at high levels in the locker room, being able to see over the boards when I’m watching hockey, or just being able to adjust to whatever situation I’m in.” 

“My favourite part of the chair is the ability to raise the seating position up and down.”

“Do you want a chair that you just sit in? Or do you want a chair that actually makes your life easier? The Elevation chair makes my life easier.”

“The adjustable “on the fly” seat height adjustment makes the Elevation a stand out among manual wheelchairs and does so in an ultralight package.” 

“The ability to customize the wheelchair ensures a custom fit that ultralight wheelchair users are accustomed to.” 

“I really like the ability to adjust the seat height to increase efficiency and comfort. I also enjoy the ability to reach and see items that I would not be able to in a traditional ultralight weight wheelchair. ” 

“I see the three biggest advantages to the Elevation as; the ability to adjust my seat height for optimal propulsion, the ability to raise my seat to increase function and the ability to change my position throughout the day increasing comfort and helping maintain posture. ” 

“I would recommend the Elevation to any manual wheelchair user who would like to increase their function and comfort.”

“I am surprised how often during the day that I change my seat height. Prior to using the Elevation I anticipated using the seat height adjustment to reach items typically out of reach. In daily use I adjust my seat height and back angle regularly whether to more easily perform activities of daily living, increase comfort or more efficiently propel my chair. “

Chris Millette, Pacific Healthcare Associate 

“It is versatile, the ability to change positions at any given moment.  I change my seating at least 15 times a day.”

“Reaching counters and shelves without help, being able to adjust the recline on the fly, adjusting the squeeze when needed to handle steep ramps.”

“I would definitely recommend the Elevation by PDG, as it is so easy-to-use and it has given me the ability to reach and change my view at any given moment.” 

Rafael ( Rafy ) Ibarra, ATP, CRTS  Greater Atlanta Area for NSM, Wheelchair Racer, Paralympic Gold Medalist

What I like about the Elevation is that I can change to a good wheeling position and then to a more comfortable position when I’m at the office desk and then with the dynamic seat-height system rise up to reach something.  For ease and comfort, the on-the-fly adjustable back angle and centre of gravity axle adjustment allows you to shift your weight easily.

Richard Peter, Former 5 time Paralympian 

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