Elevation Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair

Ultralight Elevation

Elevation Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair

Increased function, independence and comfort

The Elevation supports increased function, independence, and comfort. Suitable for a range of users, it allows them to embrace daily activities. Unique features such as gas strut suspension, ultra-lightweight frame, dynamic seat height, and adjustable back angle make for a highly adaptable chair. Occupants can easily adjust sitting posture to suit activity.

Weight-Matched Gas Strut Suspension 
The gas springs used in dynamic seat height adjustment are selected and positioned at the factory for the weight of the user.

Dynamic Seat Height 
Optimized to the user’s unique requirements and comfort with on-the-fly seat height adjustment and backrest recline.

Centre of Gravity
Adjustable center of gravity positioning allowing for improved stability or maneuverability to suit the user’s mobility needs.

Anti-Shear Seating Insert 
The optional rigid-articulating side guards allow for superior lift and stability when in elevated seat positions.



  • Dynamic seat-height system
  • On-the-fly adjustable back-angle
  • Center of gravity axle adjustment
  • Multiple wheel, rim and tire options
  • Anti-shear side guard system
  • Patented stability system
  • Fold down back
  • Ultralight aluminum construction