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Funding for the Elevation is available in the United States through Medicaid and Veterans Affairs, and in Ontario through ADP.

Medicaid (United States)

In the United States, the Elevation has received full PDAC code verification. The following HCPCS codes should be used for billing by DME MACs:

  • The Frame is an ultralight frame, either K0005 or E1235 (for pediatric sizes)
  • The Dynamic Recline accessory is a Semi-Reclining Back  E1225
  • The Elevation feature is a K0108

Veterans Affairs (United States)

The Elevation and all its accessories are listed and eligible for funding through the Federal Supply Schedule and are accessible to United States Veterans!

ADP (Ontario)

In Ontario, the Elevation is listed with ADP under code WM0001203. Further, the code WAMI can be applied towards the Elevation’s Dynamic Recline accessory.